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Apheus is a Plymouth, Indiana-based company providing custom website design, website development, ecommerce design, and search engine optimization services to small businesses and organizations across the United States. We are one of the area's fastest-growing web developers. Apheus was founded in 2007 by Bob Barcus in Argos, Indiana, to meet the needs of clients who demand excellence from their web designer. Our client list includes customers in the transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and food service sectors.

Family Oriented Company

At Apheus, we value our time with families. Work can sometimes take us away from our loved ones, but Apheus has developed a system that allows its designers to balance out work and family commitments. Our web designers have taken advantage of internet-based technologies so that we always stay connected while staying close to families. We believe that a happy web designer is a productive web designer.

Awaken the Possibilities

Apheus is proud to bring a whole new level of service to clients who demand a common-sense approach to business. We are experts at providing innovative website design solutions that are not only functional, but also visually appealing. We can design a custom website from scratch, develop an online store, or rebuild your current website. Apheus was formed with innovation in mind. We are always willing to think outside of the box to discover new approaches that can help you achieve more. At Apheus, we believe that you should always Awaken the Possibilities.

What Does Apheus Mean?

Our company's unusual name can sometimes become the topic of conversation! What's in a name? Many people ask us, "What does your company's name mean?" Well, for our company, Apheus has a lot of meaning - at least for us! If you do a Google search for Apheus the first thing you'll see is of course our company's website. How did we come up with such a unique name? It's quite an interesting story...

One night, our company's founders were discussing various business strategies. One topic of conversation was the need to pick a name for our business. We wanted something that was unique, short, and memorable to represent the company's ideals and business philosophies. After turning down several possible names, one of our founder's friends made a bold and unexpected suggestion. He thought that we should adopt a variation of the screen name he used while playing Unreal Tournament. After a brief discussion, we agreed that the suggested name had a "certain ring to it" and thus, Apheus was born!

But what does Apheus mean? The closest comparison we can make for the name Apheus is the Greek god Alpheus, a god of the river. Apheus sounds "sorta Greek", but it really had no bearing on our decision. Nor did the fact that Alpheus is also a genus of shrimp... We're definitely not in the shrimp business!

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If you are ready to try our website design services, then please fill out our FREE quote request form or call Apheus at 1-800-946-3079 and we'll be happy to assist you. Apheus provides quality websites for businesses in Indiana and across the United States. Shouldn't your company be the next one to experience the Apheus difference?