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Developing a custom website to meet the specific needs of your business or organization can sometimes be a tough challenge. Designing a website yourself works for some people - but only if you are tech savvy, have loads of extra time, and have a creative flare. For others, buying a ready-made, off-the-shelf web template may work, but premade web templates often hard to customize, and are used by hundreds or even thousands of other websites.

For the best results online, your company needs a website tailored to the specific needs of your business. That's where Apheus comes in - we design custom websites that are affordable, functional, and look great. We develop websites that are extensions of your business - not merely an online brochure. Our custom website designs compliment your business by keeping your image consistent.

SEO-Ready Custom Websites

We design all of our custom websites to be SEO-ready, meaning that they have been designed with search engine optimization in mind. Getting your website indexed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can sometimes be a daunting task, but we have the knowledge to get your website properly listed without breaking the rules or getting banned.

A Professional Web Designer

If you really want a unique website, you need to hire a professional web designer. Apheus may be a newer company, but our website design team has more than a decade of experience designing websites for companies large and small. We design custom websites that combine eye-catching graphics, solid HTML coding, and modern design techniques into a complete online package. And when you're ready to unlock the full potential of your custom website, Apheus offers a comprehensive SERP marketing solution that combines the best of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising.

Affordable Web Design

Getting a good-looking website doesn't have to be expensive, but that doesn't mean that you'll get a cheap website design either. We will develop your website to meet your budget requirements while maintaining our highest standards of customer satisfaction. We work hard to make sure that every website we design is as standards-compliant as possible within the requirements of the job. We work with you to develop a quality website of which you can be proud!