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Ever heard of search engine results page (SERP) marketing? If you have a website that utilizes major search engines to market to potential customers, then you probably should! Apheus has bundled a winning combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising to exploit the full SERP marketing potential of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Apheus can provide your company with a custom built SERP marketing solution to help enhance your online presence and make your website a success.

What is SEO?

Just having a website out on the internet isn't enough if you plan to be successful with your business. Your website needs to be optimized to take advantage of the huge marketing potential of the search engines. Search engine optimization is the process that an SEO expert goes through in order to organically increase traffic to your website through coding techniques, keyword research, linking methods, and content building.

Much of the work involved in SEO is straight forward, but we will admit that some of it is trial and error. The job of an SEO expert is to utilize a healthy balance of proven SEO techniques in order to organically improve your search engine rankings. As part of the SERP marketing process we will fully examine your website and current search engine rankings on the results pages to make a realistic assessment of your particular situation.

If your website isn't optimized, then you are missing out!

Coding Techniques

We utilize various SEO coding techniques to enhance your website and make it search engine friendly. In order for your website to even show up on the major search engines, it must be easily located, spidered, and indexed. Many websites have unintentional barriers in place that prevent search engines from visiting and properly indexing the sites. The SEO experts at Apheus pour over your code, identify the problems and remove the SEO barriers, thus naturally improving your SERP rankings.

Linking Methods

Having good inbound links to your website is vitally important. Apheus can help identify potential link partners and will do our best to get you listed on other reputable websites. Getting people to talk about your website on blogs and social networking sites is one of the best ways to quickly build inbound links. Internal linking is also extremely important. We get rid of the simplistic "click here" approach to linking and give your links real substance.

Keywords & Keyword Phrases

As part of the SEO process, we will identify various keywords and keyword phrases to help make your website more successful. We use various software tools and good ol' human perseverance to identify keywords and phrases that help market your business or products more effectively through the search engine results page. We don't utilize keyword stuffing - instead, we cohesively integrate your keywords into your content.

Content Development

One of the biggest problems we usually see with poorly performing websites is a lack of good unique content. Content is the real heart of a website. Good content can sometimes be hard to find, but it is an extremely important part of SEO. Apheus can help mold the content of your website in such a way as to take full advantage of keywords and keyword phrases while at the same time creating useful information for visitors. We develop content that is conducive to achieving your goals. Always remember - content is king!

What is PPC?

Have you ever noticed the small unobtrusive advertisements that always seem to appear alongside your search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing? Well those small ads are one of the most effective means of advertising your products or services online. Known as pay per click (PPC), these small ads have the potential to generate big bucks for your website or they can quickly drain your bank account if you are not careful. PPC advertising can sometimes be a tricky business that needs constant monitoring and evaluation in order to be successful.

The SERP marketing experts at Apheus will administer your PPC advertising campaigns and will develop a comprehensive strategy to most effectively stretch your advertising dollar without sacrificing performance. PPC advertising is very effective at attracting people to your website, but it is up to the website itself to convert your visitors into customers.

Landing Pages

When promoting your product or service through a pay per click ad, it is very important to point your ad to a relevant page on your website that quickly and effectively grabs the attention of your visitors. This relevant page is called a landing page. The job of a landing page is very important when it comes to PPC advertising. It should load quickly and have the information that your visitors need at their fingertips - plainly visible above the fold. A landing page often incorporates elements that may be unique to that page. At the same time, this page should not compromise the quality or integrity of your website and should have a consistent feel.

The SERP marketing experts at Apheus will identify potential landing pages on your website and assess their effectiveness in converting visitors into customers. In some cases, a website may not have an effective landing page - but don't worry! We can enhance your existing landing pages or can build entirely new ones.

SERP Marketing Experts

Apheus has been offering SERP marketing services to our clients for several years. SEO and PPC can be strange and sometimes nasty beasts that are difficult to tame. We work with you to develop a strategy that best suits your needs, achieves your goals, and fits within your budget. Call Apheus today at 1-800-946-3079 to learn more about SERP marketing or fill out our FREE quote request form.