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Apheus crafts each of our websites to be search engine friendly. We make sure that every one of our web designs is built using the best coding practices so that it can be easily indexed by the major search engines. We structure webpages, navigation menus, images and other elements as search engine friendly as possible.

Search Engine Friendly URL's

One of the simplest methods of creating a good SEF website is to create URL's that can not only be easily read by human eyes, but by search engine spiders as well. At Apheus, we design custom websites that utilize these search engine friendly links whenever possible by naming each file in a descriptive manner so as to match the content of the webpage itself.


Making your website search engine friendly is one thing, but optimizing it for best results on the search engines is another. While every website that Apheus creates is made to be search engine friendly, search engine optimization is a totally different matter. Every website we create is SEO-ready, meaning that it is designed so that it can be easily optimized at a later time. Apheus offers a comprehensive SERP marketing service that combines SEO and pay per click advertising into one convenient bundle.

Best SEO Practices

Search engine optimization can sometimes be a tricky business. If your website employs questionable SEO methods it can cause your website to actually become banned by the search engines. That is something that you definitely cannot risk! You should always develop your website utilizing appropriate SEO techniques that will help get your website indexed properly without violating the search engine rules.

Website Content Optimization

On the world wide web, content is king! In order for any website to be successful, you must first have plenty of good, unique content that has been keyword optimized. We're not talking about keyword stuffing, but rather developing relative content that makes use of popular search engine terms. You should formulate your plans early on in the design process to incorporate as much good content as possible.